Sales Agreement





Seller                       : Cemcey Tekstil Urunleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.

                     (Cemcey Textile Products Industry and Trade Inc.)

Address                 : Fatih Cad. Pelit Sk. No:5 Merter, Gungoren, ISTANBUL

Phone                     : 0212 6372255

Fax                            : 0212 6371622

Customer Service Line  : 0212 6372255

Central Registration No                 : 0205001500100015



Buyer                       :

Address                 :

Phone                     :

Email                       :



To determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law issue 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer regarding the sale and delivery of the product/products of which the specification and VAT included selling price is determined below, which is ordered by the buyer through the website in the electronic medium.




3-a Name of the product or service subject to the contract, basic features, quantity, VAT included selling price, terms of payment and delivery.



Name and basic Features of the Product                     Selling Price                             Forward Sale

                                                                                     Quantity (VAT included total        Price

                                                                                           Turkish Liras)                            (VAT included









3.b- Terms of Payment : Credit Card…………. Forward sale


3.c- Delivery Terms and Address:


Delivery Address               :


Contact Person                                    :


Billing Address                    :


Cargo and delivery costs belong to Buyer. Shipping cost is TL......., and is not included to the product sale price. The shipping cost is added to the total amount of the order. Delivery will be made by hand through contracted UPS Cargo, to the above address of the Buyer. Delivery time for Istanbul via UPS cargo is 2 working days from the date of contract and delivery time outside Istanbul is 3 working days from the of contract. During delivery, if the Buyer is not at the address, Seller shall be deemed to have fulfilled the acquisition fully and completely. For this reason, the Seller is not responsible for any damage or expense arising from the Buyer's late receive and/or not-receiving.




4.1- The seller is responsible for delivering the product subject to the contract with complete, in good condition and, if any with warranty documentation and user manuals.

4.2- The product shall be delivered no later than 30 days after the contract date. Until the delivery of the product, all responsibility belongs to the seller.

4.4- The buyer accepts that he/she has read the pre-information about the product subject to the contract ordered from the website and that he/she has been informed and gives the necessary approval in electronic medium.

4.5- For delivery of the product subject to the contract, it is mandatory that the contract price is paid to the Seller by the Buyer. If, for any reason, the product is not paid for or is canceled in bank records, the Seller shall be deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product. If the products subject to the contract have been delivered to the Buyer, then the Buyer must return the delivered product to the Seller.

4.6- In accordance with the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedural Law No. 385, in order to be able to effect the return, the relevant parts of the invoice which we have send to you must be completely filled and signed and returned to us together with the product.




The buyer (consumer) has the right to withdraw from the contract within 30 (thirty) days without any justification and without paying any penalty.

Regarding the services, the right of withdrawal date is the date on which the contracts are signed, and regarding the delivery of goods, it is the day of receipt of the goods by the consumer or by the third person determined by the consumer. However, the consumer may use the right of withdrawal within the dates from the establishment of the contract until the delivery of the goods. In determining the right of withdrawal time, the followings are essential:




a) For the goods that are ordered at once but delivered separately, the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the final goods,

b) For the goods consisting from more than one part, on the day of receipt of the last item by the consumer or by the third person determined by the consumer,

c) For the contracts of which the goods are delivered on a regular basis for a specified period of time, the day on which the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the first good.


The buyer (consumer) can make the withdrawal notice through the easy return option on the personal membership page at within the date of the Right of Withdraw date. The carrier is the UPS cargo company and the details of the return are specified in the easy return option of the buyer (consumer)'s personal membership page at


The buyer (consumer) cannot use the right of withdraw in the following contracts:


a) Contracts for goods or services whose price varies depending on fluctuations in the financial market, and which are not controlled by the seller or supplier.

b) Contracts for goods prepared in accordance with the consumer's wishes or personal needs.

c) Contracts for the delivery of goods which can be quickly deteriorated or whose expiry date may pass.

ç) Contracts for the goods of which protecting items such as packaging, tape, seal, package, etc. are opened; and of which the delivery is unsuitable in terms of health and hygiene.

d) Contracts for goods which, after delivery, interfere with other products and which cannot be separated by nature.

e) Contracts for materials relating to books, digital content and computer consumables provided in the physical environment, if such components, such as packages, bands, seals, packages, etc. have been surpassed after the delivery of the goods.

f) Contracts for delivery of periodical publications such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the Subscription Agreement.

g) Contracts for the assessment of leisure time for accommodation, cargo, car leasing, food and beverage supply and entertainment or recreation, which must be carried out on a specific date or period.

ğ) Contracts relating to instantly performed services in the electronic medium or intangible goods delivered to the consumer instantly.

h) Contracts relating to services commenced with the approval of the consumer before the end of the right to withdraw.



In disputes arising within this Contract, authorized authority is the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or the Consumer Court at the place where the Buyer (consumer) is residing or where the consumer transaction is made. (Monetary limits for the Arbitration Committee for Consumer to be in charge of and authorized to solve the disputes for the year 2017 defined in every December by the Ministry of Customs and Commerce):


In disputes under Two thousand four hundred Turkish Liras, the county arbitration committees; in disputes under Three thousand four hundred and ten Turkish Liras, the provincial arbitration committees; and in the metropolitan provinces, it is obligatory to apply to the provincial arbitration committees for Consumers in the disputes between Two thousand four hundred Turkish Liras and Three thousand six hundred and ten Turkish Liras. Applications for consumer disputes cannot be made for disputes over these values. In such case, the buyer (consumer) has to apply to Consumer Courts. In cases involving disputes arising from consumer transactions and consumer-oriented applications, the Consumer Courts are responsible. The actions to be taken in consumer courts shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Section Six of the Law issue 6100 dated 12/1/2011 on Civil Procedure. Consumer complaints may be suit at the Consumer Courts where the consumer's residence is located.


In case of order is realized, the buyer is deemed to have accepted all the conditions of this contract.


SELLER:   Cemcey Tekstil Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

                (Cemcey Textile Products Industry and Trade Inc.)